Success Academy launches a free online portal

Founded by Eva Moskowitz who is also the Chief Executive Officer, Success Academy is the New York City’s largest charter school network began a decade ago, Moskowitz had two goals: Start top-performing schools as well as work towards improving the American education system.


The CEO has undertaken an ambitious plan to expand Success Academy with the new online platform. The platform aimed at growing the institution’s network footprint ahead of the largest district school in America.


The free portal unveiled by Moskowitz and other Success Academy leaders from their headquarters in Lower Manhattan was dubbed the “Success Academy Education Institute.” The portal provides access to teacher development strategies as well as employing the curriculum at the 41 schools of Success Academy across the city.


Eva Moskowitz noted that many kids across the country are in schools where they are not taught to read or write as well as do mathematics and science at the core level. As a result, Success Academy was destined to be part of the solution.


Success Academy’s track record speaks volumes. The institution closed the achievement gap and improved the academic outcomes of low-income students. As a result, the school won the $250,000 Broad Prize meant for college preparedness programs that include scholarships and campus visits.


The online platform provides the charter network’s literacy curriculum for kindergarten to the fourth grade. It was the initial step to introduce teachers to the Success Academy mantra across the country. Besides, the network has a plan to launch a teacher-training facility at Hudson Yards in Manhattan and a school lab for students in kindergarten through eighth grade.


Success Academy is where 76 percent of the over 14,000 students are low-income, and 93 percent are African-American. Also, its middle and elementary schools were amongst the top 10 percent of campuses statewide on math, English, as well as science tests the previous year.


The Success Academy chief academic officer, Michele Caracappa said that if the institution could have had one resource, then it would have been the books. He adds that they had spent countless hours hand-picking the books for Success Academy.

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