How End Citizens United Plans to Achieve its Goal

End Citizens United was featured in an article that appeared on MSNBC two years ago. Richard Carbo is the director of communications for the group. He said that they had a pronged mission. End Citizens United backs candidates who want to see reforms in campaign finance and those who oppose dark-money groups. He added that many PACs only focused on one side and ignored the other.


The ultimate goal is the passing of an amendment to the Constitution to overturn the Citizens United decision that the Supreme Court made in 2010. The ruling allowed political candidates to receive unlimited funding from donors and super PACs. The PAC has a petition for Congress to pass the law that has received more than half a million signatures. Their goal of overturning the Supreme Court decision will not be easy. They are prepared to fight for it. This is because an amendment to the constitution requires it to be passed by two-thirds of Congressmen and members of the House.


Carbo is confident that the millions of dollars that they will raise will have an impact on the House race. The money will be used to buy advertising so that more people become aware. The PAC has an expenditure arm that is dedicated to back candidates through polling, mail, and advertisements on television. End Citizens United does not back Republicans because the party’s leaders in Congress are opposed to the idea of overturning the decision. The PAC is based in Washington D.C so that they can be more involved in legislation. It is made up of only five members of staff including Reed Adamson and Valerie Martin who are both senior advisers.


End Citizens United is on course to raise $35 million before the midterm Congress elections next year. They raised $4 million dollars during the first quarter of 2017 according to their fundraising data. The last election was their first election cycle. They managed to meet their target of twenty-five million. A huge percentage of the people who gave to the PAC this year were doing it for the first time. Tiffany Muller is the executive director and President of the PAC. Tiffany said that a hundred thousand people contributed the sum. She mentioned that the average contribution for the year was $12.


Muller noted that many of them were people who felt that their voice was not heard because those who had a lot of money were the ones who influenced the outcome. She explained that these people felt that they had a way of fighting back through End Citizens United. End Citizens United has hinted that the candidates that it will support include Jon Tester from Montana and Sherrod Brown of Ohio.




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