Norman Pattiz: Legendary Radio Entrepreneur

Norman J. Pattiz is one of the most renowned names in radio. For decades, he’s produced some of America’s top entertainment news providers. His career has numerous unparalleled achievements. He’s also founded some of the biggest brands in radio and podcast history. In 2009, the National Radio Hall of Fame inducted Mr. Pattiz.

He is the founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, the largest podcast network in the world. He’s produced shows with dozens of celebrities, including former NBA All-Star Shaquille O’Neal and WWE superstar Chris Jericho. Due to his many successes, he’s also been a part of several boards of directors and committees.

Crunchbase revealed that Norman Pattiz served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors, appointed by Presidents Clinton and Bush. He also created Radio Sawa and Alhurra Television. He’s the most respected authority when it comes to anything and everything radio and podcast related.

Recently, Mr. Norman Pattiz’s company, PodcastOne, along with Edison Research studied the effects of podcast advertising. The study focused on the impact of advertising during podcast shows. Since podcasts are fairly new, many large corporations haven’t invested as much time into exploring their potential. The study proved that podcast advertising can have a positive effect on consumers. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

The study involved five major national brands that spanned several categories. The study was the first of its kind. It contained pre- and post-campaign results for all brands. The study showed a significant increase in consumers’ ability to recall a specific message. For some, it even persuaded them to try the product.

All areas and brands involved in the study saw a rise in the post-campaign results. For some, the results rose by more than one-third. Those who weren’t sure about certain products before said that they were “very likely” to consider buying that particular brand.

Over the course of last year, Edison Research conducted three studies. The brands used in each study were of different recognition levels; meaning some brands were well-known while the others weren’t. After the study, all brands were known.

Each brand’s campaign ran for four to six weeks. The results showed that no matter the purpose of the advertisement, whether to launch a new message or increase awareness, each brand succeeded to some degree. Norman Pattiz mentioned the importance of independently verifying that the podcast format does impact consumer decisions.

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