Success Academy Continues To Succeed

Success Academy is a network of charter schools for kids in New York City and was established in 2006. It contains 32 schools with over 9,000 students. It continues to grow with 13 more schools to open soon. The students are getting good test scores and people are noticing it. Their scores of 64 percent in English and 94 percent in math were much higher compared to other New York schools.

Success Acadamy is located in the poor community and to outperform the wealthier kids in the suburbs is raising eyebrows across the state. The students wear uniforms to school and are considered scholars. The school hours and season are longer than most schools. This allows more instruction time and more learning for the students. The school emphasizes discipline and the students understand that they are accountable for their success. This type of new culture is raising the expectations from both the parents and their children. Their curriculum is very detailed for each grade. They encourage students to work well with one another. The teachers use thought provoking ideas to challenge the minds of their students. Reading is highly encouraged and the students are provided with iPads that contains many books. The teachers are well trained to understand the concept of teaching in the Success Acadamy. They need to complete a four week training session under the supervision of school leaders. The teachers are compensated well for their hard work. They get paid more than other districts since they work more hours.

Teachers are provided with assistants to reach more students. There is more communication than other districts between teachers and parents. Parents being more involved helps homework getting done, projects being finished on time, and other tasks being completed. Not only is the state of New York taking the notice, but the country as well. With the nation’s average test scores being so low, compared to other big countries, there needs to be more schools like the Success Academy. Our future depends on it.

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