Medical experts Innovacare- Penelope Kokkinides and Dr. Richard Shinto

Health issues are very critical, and one has to take good care of their bodies to avoid heath complications. Although at times it ‘s hard to prevent diseases it is much easier to take precautions and save in the case of any emergency. Several pharmaceutical firms offer health insurance in America.

Innovacare is one of the leading medical management service providers located in Northern America. The medical organization has been delivering their services as well as products in two ways including Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid programs. Innovacare has experienced staff that is committed to distributing quality healthcare by designing models that are suitable, cost effective, and which is advanced in technology. The medical organization is founded on a high mission of redefining health administration to meet the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry today. Innovacare’s vision is to build strong customer care relationship, as it focuses on offering reliable, affordable, and innovative, custom-made services and products. Read this article about Innovacare at Yahoo Finance

The values of the organization are;

  • Quality medical care; Innovacare considers this as its end goal in all its activities.
  • Health care management works best: it holds its stakeholders accountable to high standards of quality and transparency.
  • Patients come first.
  • Expansion as an organization
  • Modernized medical care and practices.
  • Strong customer relationship.

Innovacare has qualified management team that has vast experience in the field. To be able to deliver quality services and products to their clients, the medical company added executives in the enterprise. Follow Innovacare at LinkedIn

Penelope Kokkinides: she was recently appointed as the Chief Administrative Officer of Innovacare. She brings with him his vast experience of over two decades in the medical industry. She specializes in the developing clinical programs and managing health care. Penelope has also served as the Executive Vice President and the Chief Operating Officer for CenterLight Healthcare. Other top positions she has held include Chief Operating Officer of TouchStone Health among others.

Dr. Richard Shinto: Dr. Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer and the President of Innovacare. Before becoming g the Chief Executive Officer of Innovacare, Shinto served as the Chief Executive Officer and the President of Av eta Inc. before it was sold. Dr. Shin to has a vast experience in the medical management. He has also worked in several other medical institutions including; NAMM California where he served as the Chief Medical Officer, Cal-Optima Health plan as the Chief Medical Officer, and Med Partners as the Vice President for Medical Management. Shinto is a go-getter who has written several books on medical topics. He attended State University for his degree in medicine and MBA from the University of Redlands.

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