Ricardo Tosto – Prominent Name In The Brazil’s Legal Sphere

The Brazil’s legal system is based primarily on Portuguese Law due to the colonization of the country by Portuguese in the 18th century. However, after independence, the country’s law was significantly influenced by its European counterparts, such as Italy, French, and German. Such influences do not discredit the country’s legal system that has its constitutional principles and amendments added to it. In a way, it can be said that the Brazil’s law is a hybrid.

The country has gone through tremendous growth and development in the past few decades and stands tall as the eighth largest economies in the world. It has helped the country’s legal system to strengthen itself and has empowered the law education in the country too. Law remains a popular choice of profession among the Brazilian students.

However, the country has a stringent screening process to ensure only the best of students become the lawyers. The students need to pass the Vestibular exam, which is essential for students to pass to get into a graduation course. After the graduation, students need to pass the National Bar Examination to become an attorney.

In the field of law in Brazil, one of the well-known personalities has been Ricardo Tosto. He started his career in a small office and due to his achievements and remarkable performance in various court cases he successfully fought for his firm; he was soon inducted in one of the biggest law firms in the country.

After working for few years with a larger law firm, he finally opened his law firm, Tosto and Barros Advogados, where he serves as a partner. He has successfully represented many high profile public figures in the country and has many top Brazilian companies as his clients. Ricardo Tosto provides strategic guidance and inputs in the cases taken up by his firm and ensures the clients get the justice they deserve.

https://www.instagram.com/ricardotostopr for more.

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