Omar Boraie Stretches His Philanthropic Donations to Support the Health Sector

In an effort to identify with the locales of New Jersey, Omar Boraie has stepped up to be one of the financiers of major projects in this city. His interest in the health sector saw him pledge a donation amounting to $1.5 million directed to be part of the Rutgers University’s initiative: the18 Chair Challenge. The contributions played an important role in establishing the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science, an initiative at the Rutgers University’s cancer institute to help in supporting major research in the field of precision medicine at the institution. According to, the Rutgers University’s ’18 Chair Challenge’ campaign was carried out in a manner that an anonymous donor was to top up the $1.5 million with similar amount for each of the 18 chairs. This was to see each chair raise a total of $3million at the end of the campaign.

Boraie’s pledge was mostly welcomed because it was directed towards a healthy course of establishing and supporting the field of genomic science and precision medicine. This medical field is still relatively new and young. It basically entails analyzing and treating tumors on a genetic level, and as such a big professional boost to oncologists. The advances in this field allow for classification of cancers into sub-populations such that those with similar characteristics yet different genetics are separately grouped. The discipline mainly identifies cancer not as a single disease but a group of diseases, each with intrigue characteristics.

The Rutgers Cancer Institute Director, Mr. Robert S. DiPaola, acknowledged Mr. Boraie’s donation, terming him as an integral part of the development and promotion of the New Brunswick as a blazing ‘Healthcare City.’ In a piece that was published through NewsWise, he praised the move citing it as one that is bound to provide a long-term solution by improving research and treatment of cancer. This new development in the field of cancer has been hailed as a new dawn in the ever nagging cancer menace. Contributions by philanthropists like Boraie is a tremendous mileage to see the discipline grow.

Omar Boraie, who is the founder of the Boraie Development LLC, has seen much development in the Brunswick City of New Jersey, with his firm being the leading real estate development agency in the city.


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