Vegan Thanksgiving dressing

Guest post written by Debbie Fernandez

Being vegan wasn’t the easiest thing for me to do because I’m a huge foodie. But it was something that I wanted to do and I’m pretty adventurous so I kind of took it as a challenge to find all kinds of great new restaurants and things to cook and eat. So it was a little mroe exciting for me. See, if you don’t know your nutritional needs and can’t cook, it’s not all that healthy to go vegan, but if you do like me then it isn’t so bad.

I was online not too long ago trying to find some great vegan versions of Thanksgiving classics. It’s my favorite holiday because of all the great cooking and eating, and its my first Thanksgiving as a vegan. While I was doing my Thanksgiving research, I found some info about a wireless itnernet copmany that I liked the look of, so after finding some more info, I signed up for it at my apartment.

I found this vegan mushroom dressing recipe that I’m just itching to try out on the big day. My goal is to fix things that are vegan but still taste so good that my non-vegan family members will love them.

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