Music stand

When we were thinking about buying a music stand for Todd to use at home when he was practicing his sax, his music teacher recommended that we consider buying a hercules music stand. He said that they tended to be a little bit pricey, but that they are extremely stable and sturdy, and with the rambunctious pets and people we have in this house, that is a major consideration! Sure, we could probably buy one for less money, but we are sure it will be knocked over from time to time, and we need one that won’t fall over and break easily!

Long distance wishes

Happy Mothers Day (free clip art)

Happy Mothers Day (free clip art)

Today is Mother’s Day. I called my mother to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day, and she was glad to hear from me. She was spending the day with my daughter and her sister, and planning on having a good day. I felt badly that she had not yet received the card that I sent her, but things have been hectic around here lately and I just lost track of time. We had my mother-in-law come over for lunch in honor of Mother’s Day, and several of my wife’s siblings came over as well. One of them came over on his motorcycle, and we spent some time taking pictures of our bikes and took some of the folks for a ride on our bikes. One of the brothers came over with his wife and that was a mistake – the wife and my mother-in-law had been having some communication problems over the past couple of months and so there was a big family spat that erupted. My poor wife – she tries so hard to accommodate everyone and keep everyone happy, but there is always at least one of her family members that has some kind of axe to grind and all of my wife’s efforts seem to go up in flames.

I hope that everyone ELSE had a good Mother’s Day!

Durable mandolin cases

Shawn was telling me that he needed to find a durable mandolin case that would fit aandf mandolins. I told him that I couldn’t help him shop around the local stores (I’m way too busy) but that I would ask my wife if she would do some comparison shopping online for him. She found a few websites that sell them, and she told me that she emailed the URLs to Shawn for him to look at and see if any of them interest him. Isn’t technology (and especially the Internet) awesome!

Easter Gift Baskets

Easter lilies (free clip art)

Easter lilies (free clip art)

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. I have some really great memories of spending hours upon end at our grandparents house decorating Easter eggs, eating the yellow chicken Peeps and and picking out my favorite jelly beans from the Easter Baskets that we were given on Easter morning. When we were children, the Easter Baskets were all about the candy, but every now and then there would be an inexpensive toy or two like pez candy dispensers, or a yo-yo.

Now that we’re all adults, we don’t color the eggs or buy the candy; we are all watching our weight and trying to lead healthier lives. But one thing that I DO like to do is to buy Easter Lilies to give to my mother, sisters, and my wife as Easter gifts. They are always very glad to see them, and are quite pleased that I would think to buy them a gift at Easter.

Voucher Codes And Coupons Can Save A Lot of Money

A few years ago my sister told me that she had become a “mystery shopper” and was saving a lot of money on everyday items by doing this type of work. When she told me that she was getting free meals at some of her favorite restaurants, and getting free oil changes and tire services, and getting paid at the same time, I became very interested! I signed up to do some mystery shopping of my own, and managed to get a few free meals, some free oil changes, and a couple of free haircuts out of the whole deal. Most of the time, however, I was required to make a purchase and then return the item, go home and fill out paperwork and input the information about my observations and spend several hours on the project. It wasn’t very long before I realized that a lot of the job assignments really did not “pay” me a decent hourly rate for all of the work that I was putting into the job. Now I am a lot more picky about the jobs that I accept!

One thing that I did learn more about, and do take advantage of, from that experience, was learning more about using coupons and voucher codes. I have found a lot of online places, like smartsource dot com and coupons dot com to get coupons that I can print off and take with me to brick and mortar stores to get a good discount on products and services. I have also found other online places, like that provide savings for products that I buy online. I especially like when I can find a great online voucher code for a place that offers complete customer satisfaction, is having a great clearance sale and offers free shipping (even for returns) to boot! (Tip: watch out for re-stocking fees on returns!) I especially like it if the website sells clothing or footwear and they offer free shipping on return items, too! There have been a few times that I’ve made the mistake of ordering some clothes online that were a great price, but had to pay for shipping and ended up giving them away to a thrift store because they didn’t fit and the cost of returning the item was more money than the original item was in the first place!