Sand between my toes

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I love the feeling of the sun on my face, a warm breeze caressing my chest, and sand between my toes. And I love going to places where there are amusement parks to go to when I’ve tired of relaxing on the beach. My parents have vacationed in Myrtle Beach for years, and they have always told me that they enjoyed it, but never told me anything about it. It wasn’t until last week that my friend Jim told me that he goes to a Myrtle Beach Resort every year to have a golf vacation. He said that his wife spends her time on the beach while he hits the golf courses. Apparently there are a gazillion golf courses and Myrtle Beach Resorts dedicated to golfers there.

He got my wife interested in going and staying at one of the Myrtle Beach Hotels right on the beach so we could just walk out from the hotel and onto the sand. I’ve been checking out the tourist attractions in the area and was surprised that there are a lot of attractions, not just golf to do there. So maybe we’ll consider going there for a vacation soon. One of the advantages of going there is that it is driving distance away from us so we don’t have to deal with the hassle of airports! Yeah, a definite possibility!

One call does it all – or should we say one click does it all

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When I was reading the website about insurance in North Carolina, I started to click around and see what kinds of insurance the company sells. The home page seemed to indicate that the company started out selling health and life insurance, but then most of the “in your face” stuff was about home and auto insurance. So for a while I was confused, thinking that this company switched from health and life to home and auto, but after a while I discovered that the company “Does it all” and it would be easy for a consumer to get just about all the kinds of insurance he or she could possibly need in a normal life. I like insurance companies that “do it all.” One-stop shopping is definitely a convenience I like – not having to call dozens of places to get something taken care of. Just ONE agent to call, and be done with it!

Broken window air conditioner

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Well, our window unit air conditioner broke last night. I got it out of storage to get it ready to put in the bedroom window, and we were giving it a test run. It wouldn’t run at all. We have a window unit air conditioner in the master bedroom to run at night to keep us cool while we sleep so we don’t have to run the whole house air conditioner all night. We THINK that will save us money on the electric bill. We’ve had the unit for about ten years, so I can’t complain too much, we certainly got our money’s worth out of it! The newer models are probably more energy efficient, too, so I will be going out to buy a new one the next time we do a shopping run into town! It’s just never a good time to have to replace something new, you always have to rearrange your budget!

April showers

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bring May flowers. At least that is what the age old adage says. But so far this month it has not rained much. I wonder if this is a bad start to the spring? I’d hate to think that this is the beginning of a drought! I really enjoy seeing my flower garden alive and lush, and although I have planted drought tolerant plants, it always looks nicer if there is plenty of rainfall. And I was hoping to plant a few new shrubs in a couple of weeks, hoping that the natural rainy season would help me be lazy and not have to water the shrubs every day.

Spring cleaning coming up

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As the weather starts to turn progressively warmer, and the days get progressively longer, I find myself itching to get outside and spring clean the yard. We’ve had a few trees die over the winter, and a few of the taller trees lost their tops due to high winds, so the yard is pretty sad looking right now. I’m planning to recruit a couple of neighborhood kids to come over and help pick up the sticks and limbs over the next couple of weekends. I’m going to pile them all up together on a brush pile and light it up when the spring cleaning is done. Outdoor fires are illegal around here until after 4pm; I’m guessing it’s because that is when the wind dies down, but it is a pain to have to wait that long in the day – a good fire doesn’t burn out by dark, and I don’t like staying up all night playing nursemaid to a fire. I guess I’ll have to take a nap earlier in the day so that I can stay up late the night that I burn the brush pile.

Budget helpers

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In this day and age of belt-tightening, my wife was telling me that she has found several ways to stretch our money and make ends meet. First of all, she told me that she has been using SHARE Food Network, which is a non-profit organization that allows the consumer to purchase good food at a really great price. They don’t require any information about income at all; they don’t care if you are rich or poor. 

Another budget stretcher is using the Yahoo Freecycle websites. There are usually local yahoo freecycle groups that helps match up people looking to get or give away free stuff. And on that note, Craigslist does the same thing. We’ve received really great things from all three of these places -check them out when you get the chance!

First day of spring!

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Seems like just a few days ago I was lamenting that spring would never get here! Yet, here it is – finally! I am looking forward to taking the snow tires off of the car and opening up the windows in the house to air out the place. It’s incredible how great the house smells when we can give it a good airing out! Soon we can dry our sheets outside on the line, too. Nothing smells better than sheets that have dried out in the fresh air! Welcome spring! I’ve missed you!

Electronic drums?

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Have you ever heard of electronic drums? When Jon was telling me that he was admiring the pearl electronic drums from guitar center the other day, I thought I mis-heard him. Electronic drums? I wondered if they make REAL music that you can play in a REAL gig, or are they just for practice? Here is a YouTube video I found that answers my questions. Pretty sweet!

Spring training

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One of the surest signs that spring is here is the crack of the bat and the thud of a baseball hitting a glove. Spring training is in full swing and we will be heading to Florida to catch a couple of games this spring. I have been a St Louis Cards fan since I was a small boy, and our very first date was a Cards-Diamondbacks game in Arizona. I hope this is the end of winter and we can get going with spring like things in our world.

I would love to learn how to play the harmonica

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After Joe was telling me that he watched a YouTube video of a guy playing the blues on a harmonica that he decided that he wants to buy blues harmonica for himself, I thought he was crazy. But after taking a look at some of the videos for myself, I can certainly understand why he would be impressed, and why he might think it would be relatively easy to learn. I see there are even instructional videos to teach people how to play the harmonica! Maybe I’ll give it a try myself! I think it would be a lot of fun!