No strings attached

I was trying to come up with some inexpensive Gifts for Bassists ideas for stocking stuffers and went online to see what I could rustle up. I found a variety of picks, replacement strings, and headphones that just might do the trick. I’d love to be able to afford to buy a new amp or a new guitar for Josh, but this year it just doesn’t look like I can swing that kind of purchase.

Vegan Thanksgiving dressing

Guest post written by Debbie Fernandez

Being vegan wasn’t the easiest thing for me to do because I’m a huge foodie. But it was something that I wanted to do and I’m pretty adventurous so I kind of took it as a challenge to find all kinds of great new restaurants and things to cook and eat. So it was a little more exciting for me. See, if you don’t know your nutritional needs and can’t cook, it’s not all that healthy to go vegan, but if you do like me then it isn’t so bad.

I was online not too long ago trying to find some great vegan versions of Thanksgiving classics. It’s my favorite holiday because of all the great cooking and eating, and its my first Thanksgiving as a vegan. While I was doing my Thanksgiving research, I found this vegan mushroom dressing recipe that I’m just itching to try out on the big day. My goal is to fix food items that are vegan but still taste so good that my non-vegan family members will love them.

Can you litter train your dog?

My wife and I have a keeshond. Yes, that’s a dog. The dog originated in Holland, and was originally used as a companion and guard dog for the barges that go up and down the canals. When you think about it, that seems to me that these dogs must have been litter trained. I have to wonder how large the litter boxes must be on the barges, since the keeshond is not a very small dog!

I was reading an article on how to litter train a dog on a website that has a variety of pet care information on it. Their advice was essentially to try to train small dogs (again basically because the size of the box!) but also they claim that the dogs will try to eat the kitty litter! I’ve seen dogs go into litter boxes to eat what the cats have left behind, but never seen them eat clean litter! That was a big surprise to me!

Home security

A couple of weeks ago my wife happened to be working near the shop that her mother owns, and they were getting off of work at the same time. It only made sense that they get together for dinner before heading home. They don’t get the chance to see each other very often as we live about 2 1/2 hours away from them. So it was good that they got the chance to get together and enjoy a nice meal together that neither one of them had to cook!

So during dinner her mother was telling her that right now she is the only one living in her neighborhood! She lives in a secluded area that tends to be used for seasonal vacation homes, and right now most of the homeowners have been having some kind of problem or another and no one has been around for months!

Naturally, that gave my wife cause for concern. She has heard of many break-ins of people’s homes that live in secluded areas when no one is around. Her mother is not the kind of person who want to own any pets at all, so having a “guard dog” is out of the question for her. My wife told her mother that she felt very strongly that she needs to install a Home Security system as soon as possible. With a home security system, the noise of the alarm going off might scare off the burglars that might break into her home. At the bare minimum, the system would alert the police, and alert her at work, or on her cell phone that there is something going on in the house so that she is prepared to deal with it before going home and perhaps walking in on a burglary in progress. That could be very harmful to her; walking in on a burglary in progress would NOT be a good thing! The alarm systems are affordable alarm systems, and reliable.

Are you looking for a web host?

If you are looking for a web host to put your web page on, it can be a daunting chore. There are so many different web hosting services out there on the Information Superhighway! It can get very confusing, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s why it is really a great service that the webhostinggeeks website performs for the consumer who is in the market for a web host service.

I’m especially enthusiastic about the web page that they have where they review green web host services. I like to throw my business to other businesses that are interested in (and making honest attempts to) participating in keeping the environment as clean as they can. 

When I first became involved in creating my first website, I didn’t know that there were web hosting services “out there” that provided free domain names as part of their service! I’m sure I spent more money than I needed to! Thanks to the webhostinggeeks website I have learned that I can get them as part of an economical package! So check them out for yourself if you are thinking about creating your own web page!