Guitar strings

One of the things that I really like about the Internet, is how easy it is to go online and buy a specific product quickly if you find that your local store no longer stocks the item. For example, Jack and I went to the local music store yesterday to buy some mandobass guitar strings, but they were sold out and weren’t sure when they were going to get more. No problem – we went online when we got home and within a few minutes we were able to get what we needed.

Entertaining outdoors

I’m really looking forward to the picnic we’re planning to have this Labor Day weekend. Over the past several months we’ve lined up a DJ and a professional belly dancer to entertain our guests, bought several canopy tents, new Barbecue tools and cleaned up and tuned up the propane grill that we bought last year.

My wife bought a new outdoor swing that has an awning over the top of it and cup holders in the arms. She’s been wanting one of those for a few years now, and was using the party as an excuse to buy it. I wasn’t very happy about it at the time, but it sure is more comfortable than the folding chairs we’ve been using the past few years.

Now the countdown begins. I’m looking forward to a great time!

It isn’t marzipan

I got an email a couple of days ago that had a lot of photos included of tiny baby sculptures. The email claimed that the sculptures were made of marzipan. Well, the sculptures were truly remarkable, but I found that they were not of marzipan. They are porcelain. Extreme talent, big money! I wish I had that kind of talent! The artist’s name is Camille Allen, and she sells her sculptures on the Internet. I was enjoying looking at her website and was reading about how some of her scultures are one of a kind, but some are reproduced in resin in bulk in China. I found it interesting that the website explains that the only reason they are made in China is because there are no manufacturers in the USA that are capable of producing them. 

I think that is part of the problem with our struggling economy – too many of our industrial jobs have left the country and gone overseas to countries with lax environmental laws and cheap labor. Well, this post wasn’t going to be preachy about our economy….. but it turned out that way!

Stupid Deal of the Day

Every now and then I like to go to the musicians friend scratch and dent web page and see what they have on clearance. Near the top of that page there is usually a link that they have named “Stupid Deal of the Day” where they have a product for sale that is marked down even more than they would have normally marked down. I’ve noticed that on their website they will list the MSRP, and then their regular price, and then their “Sale” or “Clearance” price is listed. I like to check out what their Stupid Deal of the Day is, just to see if there is anything really awesome that I might want to mention to one of my musician friends.

Independence Day is coming right up!

As Independence Day approaches, I find myself driving past a lot of fireworks stands. This always amazes me because I was under the impression that fireworks are illegal. Is it possible that they are legal to sell, just not legal to shoot them off? What kind of logic lies behind that premise? I’m always tempted to stop in and buy some fireworks. I enjoy shooting them off after dark at my place. My wife gets very nervous that I’m going to hurt myself, or set the woods or house on fire, but so far that hasn’t happened. I can tell every year that she is just waiting for something bad to happen so she can say “I told you so!”

I haven’t bought any fireworks yet this year, but the temptation grows ever stronger as the day approaches!