Have You Tried That Amazon Extension?

When Scotty was over here earlier today, he asked me if I would let him use my laptop to search for places to buy a ovangkol ukulele. Apparently, his Internet Service is on the blink, and even though they have called the Internet Provider to report it, they have to wait a couple of days before the technician will be able to come out to their place to fix it. Anyway, I told him that he could use my laptop, and he was surprised to see that sometimes when he found someplace that sold the ukulele that he was looking for, a pop-up would appear from Amazon, telling him what the price of the instrument would be from Amazon! Isn’t that neat? I wonder when my wife installed that plug-in.

Electric potato peeler

My wife has been telling me that she wants to buy an electric potato peeler. I thought she was joking! I never imagined that there was such a thing! Oh sure, there is the old fashioned apple peeler that peels, cores, and slices apples, and I can imagine it could be used for potatoes, but those are hand cranked things that have been around for decades. Well, wouldn’t you know it, the other day a catalog came in the mail and I saw an electric potato peeler in it! I think I might buy it for my wife to use. I love boiled and mashed potatoes and we don’t have them very often because peeling potatoes makes her carpal tunnel syndrome act up. Maybe, just maybe now I’ll get more variety of potatoes for dinner!

St Patrick’s Day

I saw my friend Roddy today and asked him why he wasn’t wearing green. After all, I thought that he had told me that he is Irish! He told me that technically he should be wearing orange, and St. Patrick’s day was a slap in the face to the Irish people. I asked him why that was so, and he didn’t want to talk about it. Do any of you know that would be?

A really great musician

I don’t know about you, but from time to time I get tired of listening to a lot of the garbage on the radio that they say is the popular stuff now. So, sometimes I go home and get on YouTube and watch, and listen to some “Good music” from way back when. One nice, easy-listening video I enjoy watching is this video that I’m sharing here with you today. The musician is
chet atkins and he is playing a nice medley of tunes that I can recall from days gone by. I hope you enjoy watching the video, and listening to some good memories!

Christmas Cash

Now that Christmas is over with and some folks received cold hard cash or gift cards for gifts there are plenty of people that are now ready to buy some nice merchandise for themselves for a change. A good buddy of mine is now looking online for motorcycles for sale, he would like to be on the road come spring and that is hopefully right around the corner at this point. I can only hope that he finds a Harley Davidson and not some Japanese bike. Keep it American!

The Internet is a great way to find items, so it only makes sense to look for the perfect motorcycle or ATV or any type of transportation for that matter. I used to have a motorcycle but times got hard and I started running out of time for riding it and keeping it up each riding season and ended up selling it. That was before the Internet had made buying and selling items so much easier, I’m sure I would have taken advantage of it and probably would have made out much better than I did back then.