The error correction products

For many years I have been plagued by the tendency to make errors when writing with a pen. I have been interested in seeing the evolution of products geared towards helping people to deal with that problem. I can remember trying to use the old fashioned ink erasers that were little hard rubber wheels with little brushes on them. I never seemed to have good luck with them! They just seemed to smudge the ink around and tear holes in the paper!

Then along came the liquid “white out” products. They worked pretty well, but seemed to get clumpy quickly! And then you had to wait for it to dry before you could make the correction. I can remember blowing on the paper, and waving it around in the air trying to dry it so I could proceed with the work I needed to do.

Not too long ago, correction tape products appeared. I like them because they go on dry! But sometimes they don’t apply smoothly and leave big holes in the tape so you can see the error showing anyway. So you apply the tape again and again, and not too long before you have a big mess!

My personal favorite is erasable ink – you can write all you want with the pen, and if you make a mistake you simply erase it with the eraser on the end of the pen. It works great! It comes in several colors. The only thing about that is that you don’t want to write a check with it!

Getting back to the roots

Lately my wife and I have been going to more free concerts in the nearby town. I’m glad that the local Chamber of Commerces have started to help arrange for these free concerts. I frequently worry about the future of musicians because so much music seems to be done by computers lately! Local free standing music stores have been really struggling to compete with mall and online stores like guitarscenter. I frequently wonder why the schools continue to offer music classes at all anymore! I think it’s time we turned our collective backs on the music that is done on computers, and let the REAL musicians that play REAL instruments make a living!

Hush puppies

Last night we went to eat dinner at the Golden Corral Restaurant. It was an adventure getting there because the road we usually take to get there was closed due to a traffic accident and we had to seek a detour in unfamiliar territory. We eventually got there, though, so all was well. I was glad to see that they were serving hush puppies; for some reason there are not very many restaurants around here that sell them and I like them a lot. I don’t know why my wife doesn’t cook them! I would think that they would be simple enough to cook. Hmmmm….. maybe it’s because if she cooked them we wouldn’t eat out as often! Now I see her plan!

It is more work than I realized

When my wife told me that she wanted to go visit her parents for a week’s vacation, I thought that was a great idea. She’s been very stressed lately with all of the crazy things that have been going on at work, and with some of her friends and relatives, and to be honest we have been having a few heated arguments over trivial things lately. A few days away from it all just might do her a world of good. I promised her I’d take care of the pets and keep the house clean. I thought that it would be “no sweat” to take care of that. Heck, if she can do it, I can do it!

Little did I realize that cleaning a house and keeping it clean when you have two dogs, two cats, and a messy person (me) or two (son) was a never-ending job! Not only are there mountains of laundry that pile up quickly, but the floors and carpets take quite a beating and have to be cleaned every day or the place looks terrible! I owe my wife an apology for all the days I wouldn’t take my shoes off when coming into the house and tracked all the mud in!

Snow scraper in the summer time

Today I decided to clean out the trunk of my wife’s car for her. I try to do that from time to time, to make sure that when we need the trunk space for something, there is space for it. I also like to lighten the load in the car as much as possible to get the best gas mileage we can get. Sometimes I’m surprised and amused by what I find in her trunk. For example, today I found a bag with a change of clothes in it (which actually is a pretty good idea) and a snow scraper, a shovel, and a bag of kitty litter. I know that carrying around a snow scraper, shovel, and kitty litter is a good idea in December, January, February, or even March!  But here it is, in the middle of August, and she’s prepared for a snow storm?  Sometimes I have to just shake my head in amusement!

Beach and golfing vacations

My Dad loves to vacation at Myrtle Beach. He’s been going there every winter for a couple of weeks for the past five years. He loves to play golf, and he says that Myrtle Beach is a golfer’s paradise! He says that Mom enjoys going to the different Myrtle Beach Resorts; there are so many there to choose from! He says that they have tried going to a different Myrtle Beach Resort each time they go because they like to “mix it up” a little bit. Sometimes they stay in one of the Myrtle Beach Hotels near a golf course, and sometimes they stay in one near the beach.

This winter they want my wife and I to join them on their Myrtle Beach vacation. It’s tempting because they’re offering to pay the whole way! I know that there are a lot of great amusement parks and shows that we’d enjoy seeing! And I know my wife would enjoy a round of golf or two with my Dad. So, we just might take them up on their offer and go for it! We could use an all-expenses paid vacation!

Shopping with my wife

Every now and then my wife and I go to the “big mall” that is over an hour’s drive from home. It’s a rare treat to go there; we usually only go there two or three times a year. We try to go on a day when we think it won’t be busy because we don’t like trying to fight the crowds and stand in line at the cash register for a long period of time.

But the big mall has some specialty stores in it that we just can’t go to locally, and we like going to them when we can. That’s when we stock up on my wife’s favorite reed diffuser oil, handmade soap, and aloe vera products. We try to go shopping at the bath and beauty store for those products because my wife likes their products best. She says the fragrances don’t give her a headache the way other store’s products do!

She likes to use these types of items in gift baskets that she makes up to give to people on gift giving occasions, as well as use them throughout our own home. She loves how the reed diffusers can fragrance a room without having to burn any candles, or plug in anything electrical.

Really quite rude

My sister has been complaining to me about how she has been trying to refinance the mortgage on her house. She has been talking with several financing companies, and she thought that she had one lined up to get her the loan that she wanted. She had sent them all of the information they had requested, and they said that they would call her back the next day to make an appointment for an appraiser, and to get her credit card information to charge the appraisal fee. They never called back! That was two weeks ago, and now she is worried that they were some kind of scam artist trying to get her personal information. I think she may be right! She’s been sending them emails asking them what’s going on and they don’t bother to respond. Very unsettling, and very rude!

Beach vacations

My wife LOVES to vacation at the beach more than anywhere else. Although she is always careful to put on lots of sunscreen and relax in the shade, she loves the warm breeze, the sand, and the sounds of the ocean. She tells me that her favorite memories of her childhood are of vacationing at the beach with her family.

For our next wedding anniversary I’m thinking about surprising her with a beach vacation at a Myrtle Beach Resort. There are so many different fun activities that we can do at a Resort in Myrtle Beach; there are water parks, amusement parks, dinner shows, golfin, and just plain old relaxing. I know that she would prefer an Oceanfront Hotel Myrtle Beach to stay; that way she could just walk out of the hotel and onto the beach, so I am busy comparing the prices, locations, and ameneties of the different hotels in the area.

Electronic drums?

Have you ever heard of electronic drums? When Jon was telling me that he was admiring the pearl electronic drums the other day, I thought I mis-heard him. Electronic drums? I wondered if they make REAL music that you can play in a REAL gig, or are they just for practice? Here is a YouTube video I found that answers my questions. Pretty sweet!