A really great musician

I don’t know about you, but from time to time I get tired of listening to a lot of the garbage on the radio that they say is the popular stuff now. So, sometimes I go home and get on YouTube and watch, and listen to some “Good music” from way back when. One nice, easy-listening video I enjoy watching is this video that I’m sharing here with you today. The musician is
chet atkins and he is playing a nice medley of tunes that I can recall from days gone by. I hope you enjoy watching the video, and listening to some good memories!

Christmas Cash

Now that Christmas is over with and some folks received cold hard cash or gift cards for gifts there are plenty of people that are now ready to buy some nice merchandise for themselves for a change. A good buddy of mine is now looking online for motorcycles for sale, he would like to be on the road come spring and that is hopefully right around the corner at this point. I can only hope that he finds a Harley Davidson and not some Japanese bike. Keep it American!

The Internet is a great way to find items, so it only makes sense to look for the perfect motorcycle or ATV or any type of transportation for that matter. I used to have a motorcycle but times got hard and I started running out of time for riding it and keeping it up each riding season and ended up selling it. That was before the Internet had made buying and selling items so much easier, I’m sure I would have taken advantage of it and probably would have made out much better than I did back then.

Reasonable Price for Acoustic Guitars

When Tommy told me that he was looking at the different Applause Guitars online, I thought I had not heard him correctly. The images that came to my mind was some kind of instrument that sounded like an audience clapping their hands! I asked him to repeat himself, and when he did, I asked him to show me what he was talking about. He showed me a few that he found online, and that is when I realized that the “applause” is the brand name. I felt foolish, but I did notice that the prices did seem to be reasonable, so I did not bother to give him a lecture on being frugal.

So many choices

I never realized when Lisa told me that she needed to get a couple of sets of scrubs for her new job, that buying scrubs would involve so many different choices! I thought that I would surprise her with a pair or two for a Christmas gift, but when I went online to and saw all of the different ones to choose from I started to think that maybe the best thing to do for her is to give her a gift card to buy her own.

I think it is great that there ARE so many different patterns to choose from; it makes a visit to the hospital or to the doctor less frightening for children, and could be a conversation starter for other folks. It certainly lets the patients know that the nurses and doctors have a personality and a sense of humor! It’s good to know that the people in charge of your health care have a sense of humor! Makes the whole process a little less intimidating, you know what I mean?

Christmas lights

I was driving home from work last night and noticed that someone has already completely decked out their house and yard with elaborate Christmas lights. I was rather surprised to see that already since Thanksgiving is still almost a week away! Seems to me that people are decorating for Christmas earlier and earlier every year! I can understand going ahead and putting the decorations up early because it will get too cold later, or because folks will be too busy, but to light them up at night before it is even Thanksgiving is a bit much!